PROJECT – I – 2001 FLUX Magnetic Inductor System Anti Scaling Anti Corrosion System based on Magnetic Induction for M.S. pipeline having dia 3030mm & length 9.5kms. covering total area of 108136 sq.mtrs. from Khadakwasala Dam to Parvati HLR of PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION.
PROJECT – II - 2001 FLUX Magnetic Inductor System Anti Scaling Anti Corrosion System based on Magnetic Induction for M.S. pipeline of Gondal-Junagadh Water Supply Scheme having dia 1016mm & 1524mm covering total area of 322976.2 sq.mtrs. of GUJRAT WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERGE BOARD.
PROJECT – III - 2002 FLUX Magnetic Inductor System Anti Scaling Anti Corrosion System based on Magnetic Induction for M.S. pipeline of Palanpur Water Supply pipeline having dia 914mm & 813mm covering total area of 1056.25 & 115234.5 sq.mtrs. respectively of GUJRAT WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERGE BOARD.
PILOT PROJECT – 1998 FLUX Magnetic Inductor System Anti Scaling Anti Corrosion System based on Magnetic Induction for M.S. pipeline / 18” Ø Mahakali Outlet from Veravali High Level Reservoir of MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF GREATERMUMBAI.


Working Principle

Pipe charging is a natural phenomenon which occurs whenever any fluid / gas is flowing through a pipeline. This results in the pipe becoming positively charged which in turn attracts the negatively charged carbonates in the water leading to scaling. The negatively charged oxygen of the water molecules is also attracted to the pipe leading to corrosion. The build-up of scales in the pipe line leads to increased back pressure on pumps, reduces the water carrying capacity of the pipelines as also leads to unhygienic conditions owing to the fouling. Corroded pipelines lead to rupture and frequent shutdowns are required for damage control, as also huge sums are spent on manpower for repair works.

Now all these problems can be tackled effectively with the help of FLUX maxguard Magnetic Inductor System  Hi-Tech Non-Chemical device exclusively manufactured in India, which gives total protection for your system from scales & corrosion. The FLUX maxguard Magnetic Inductor System is a unique device which works on the simple principal of magnetically induced dynamic field generation and fluid ionization. The unique patented flux-collimator-pervader generates a dense magnetic field which passes completely through a commercial steel pipe in a direction perpendicular to the flow. The pipe acts is the stator and the fluid passing through, the armature or rotor. This work like a dynamo generation a direct current which renders the pipe several hundred millivolts negative and the fluid several hundred millivolts positive. This also results in partial ionization of the water molecules giving giving positive hydrogen ions and negative hydroxyl ions. Now the physical nature of the treatment comes into picture. The water chemistry is altered physically, not chemically. Nothing is added to or removed from the water, but the behaviour or interaction of the water molecules with the pipe walls and with each other is altered by changing the relative charge of the pipe with respect to the fluid.

The dipolar water molecule’s negatively charged oxygen is repelled by the negatively charged pipe, thus reducing its corrosive effect. The carbonates which cause scaling are negative and hence are repelled by pipe. They remain in dissolved from in the water and are carried of by the flow.

The positive hydrogen ions which are generated by ionization are attracted to the pipe. If any scales exist n the system the hydrogen ions attack these insoluble calcium carbonates and from soluble calcium bicarbonates which easily dissolve in the flowing fluid.

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Thus the FLUX maxguard™ Magnetic Inductor System gives total protection to pipelines regardless of the quality of water flowing through and eliminates constant maintenance and repair problems owing to scale and corrosion. The technology, thus is a complete alternative to internal mortar lining of water supply pipelines.

Gujrat Water Supply and Sewerage Board (G.W.S.S.B.)

Water supply pipeline of over 150 kms length pipe diameter of 813mm, 914mm, 1016mm, 1524mm.

Setup prior to installation

Unit installed at demarketed location

Inspection of installation accurancy by C.E.I. Ltd. at site

A loop of installed units

Loop of installed units with protection clamps

A typical site location upon work completion

Pune Minicipal Corporation

Water Supply Pipeline of 3000mm diameter

Water Supply Pipeline, Poona

FLUX maxguard™ installed

FLUX maxguard™ installation in progress

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Scales being chipped out from internal surface of pipeline for laboratory analysis prior to installation

Internal fouled surface of the cut pipeline prior to installation

Internal surface of pipeline showing descaled matter collected at bottom of the pipeline after period of six months

  • Environment friendly
  • Non-intrusive / Online installation
  • No external power required
  • Protection from scale and corrosion
  • Very effective continuous cathodic protection
  • Free product replacement guarantee of 25 years
  • Zero maintenance
  • Continuous treatment source
  • Non chemical technology
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