The Flux Magniser™ consists of FLUX MHD Generator System which is an indigenously developed and patented technology. The composition of the magnetic material is a mixture of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B) in a highly specific alloy percentage metallurgical combination. By using Flux Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics Technology, highly specific and powerful magnetic fields of a permanent nature are generated which were specifically designed for sugar juice applications. There are three major points of difference between the FLUX MHD Generator System and ordinary permanent magnets:

Magnetic Field Strength

No permanent magnet in the world can claim coming even close to the strength of 25000 gauss which is the minimum for the FLUX MHD Generator System.

Magnetic Field Intensity:

The intensity of the magnetic field generated by the FLUX MHD Generator System is far superior to that generated by regular permanent magnets. An analogy can be drawn to that of the laser. An ordinary beam of light radiates in all directions; however, the laser is an intense beam of light that will not waver from its line of direction. Similarly, whereas an ordinary magnet radiates magnetic lines of flux in all possible directions heading from one pole to the other, the FLUX MHD Generator System generates a concentrated field of lines of flux that are available in concentric lines at the location of application and in a direction perpendicular to the flow of fluid.


The collimation of the magnetic fields renders the magnetic lines of flux exactly parallel to each other at extremely high densities. (to the order of millions of lines of flux per sq. cm.). This is in sharp contrast to an ordinary permanent magnet, which has hardly a few thousand lines of flux over the specified area.


As the sugar juice passes from first evaporator onwards the water content in the juice goes on reducing, precisely for this reason Flux Magniser™ units are designed to generate proportionate magnetic flux to be imparted to brix to bring scale under control for each evaporator.

The important parameters that determine the effectiveness of the magnetic field to the sugar syrupare “The strength of the magnetic field” and “The direction of the velocity of the particles relative to the lines of force.” The strength of the magnetic flux used and the technology adopted to manufacture MHD Generator System are our trade secrets. .


The Flux Magniser™ works on the principle of dynamic (MHD) field generation and fluid ionization.

Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction states that when a moving electrically conductive material (which in our case is Sugar Syrup flowing through a pipe) cuts a magnetic field (which in our case is generated by FLUX MHD Generator System installed inside Flux Magniser™ ) - a direct current is "induced" into the conductive material (which in our case is the water contents in the Sugar Syrup which is charged positive with the pipe being polarized negative).

In the case of the Flux Magniser™ we create a simple Faraday Generator using Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction by having the FLUX MHD Generator System act as the stator or fixed part of the Faraday Generator and the flowing water passing inside the pipe and cutting the magnetic field produced by the FLUX MHD Generator System, perpendicular to the flow of the fluid, acting as the rotor or moving part of the Faraday Generator thus converting the flowing fluid’s kinetic energy into electric charges generated on the pipe as a negative polarity and in the flowing fluid - together with its dissolved solids - as a positive charge.


Flux Magniser™ are required to be installed in line before the inlet of the evaporator syrup inlet pipe. The Flux Magnisers™ are evaporator body specific as the flux generated for each evaporator body is in ascending order as per the brix. Flux Magniser™ units are manufactured as per the size of the inlet pipe of the evaporator body and are provided with standard flanges, nut bolts and gaskets. The units are totally maintenance free and do not require any external power source.


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Flux MAGNISER™ System Installed

As per the Faraday's Law, the installation of the Flux Magniser™ generates a direct current which renders the pipe several hundred mill volts negative and the fluid several hundred millivolts positive. The high amount of magnetic energy also results in partial ionization of the water molecules giving positive hydrogen ions and negative hydroxyl ions. Now the physical nature of the treatment comes into picture. The water chemistry is altered physically, not chemically. Nothing is added to or removed from the water, but changing the relative charge of the pipe with respect to the fluid alters the interaction of the water molecules with the pipe walls and with each other.

The dipolar water molecule's negatively charged oxygen is repelled by the negatively charged pipe, thus reducing its corrosive effect. The carbonates that cause scaling are negative and hence are repelled by the pipe. They remain in suspension until the water becomes supersaturated at which point they precipitate in the form of soft aragonite sludge. Calcium bicarbonate is an unstable compound and readily converts back to calcium carbonate after a period of time, however, as the pipe is now negatively charged, its deposition as scales on the pipe is physically prevented.

The Flux Magniser™ units are manufactured with stainless steel body and standard MS flanges. The syrup does not come in contact with the magnetic material. The operation of the unit is absolutely safe as it do not require any external power source , as well as there are no moving parts.
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