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The FLUX Technology

Since the 3rd Century BC, the Chinese have been using magnetized water in medical science. They were the first to discover that the solubility of salts and other materials in magnetically treated water is greater than that of regular water. In 1832, Michael Faraday, a well-known British electrochemist, first observed magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) energy conversion by demonstrating that an electric current (Faraday) could be produced when a conducting solution flowed perpendicularly through a magnetic field.

Since the 1960s, Russian scientists have been performing valuable research on the use of magnetized water in different fields, especially in the removal of scale. Ever since, investigations over the effect of a magnetic field on the physical properties of water have been performed the world over. With the understanding of the basic principles of MHD energy, several magnetic devices have appeared on the world market, each claiming to improve the qualities of water without chemical treatment.

At Flux Hi-Tech Inc., extensive research was carried out over five years in the field of magnetism; also studying simultaneously the various devices available that claim wonders with water, and their shortfalls and limitations on actual field studies. These studies led to the invention of the FLUX maxguard™, with its rare earth metallurgy and the unique patented Flux Magneto-Fluid Dynamic Technology .

Magnetic Field Strength:

No permanent magnetic system in the world other than the FLUX maxguard™ can generate a clearly measurable concentric magnetic field (minimum of 0.1 kilogauss ) at perpendicular on the internal surface of a M.S. pipeline, when installed on its external surface.

Magnetic Field Intensity:

The intensity of the magnetic field generated by the Flux maxguard™ is far superior to that generated by regular permanent magnets. An analogy can be drawn to that of the laser. An ordinary beam of light radiates in all directions; however, the laser is an intense beam of light that will not waver from its line of direction. Similarly, whereas an ordinary magnet radiates magnetic lines of flux in all possible directions heading from one pole to the other, the Flux maxguard™ generates a concentrated field of lines of flux that are available in concentric lines at the location of application.

Collimation of Magnetic Lines of Flux:

The collimation of the magnetic fields renders the magnetic lines of flux exactly parallel to each other at extremely high densities. (to the order of millions of lines of flux per sq. cm.). This is in sharp contrast to an ordinary permanent magnet, which has hardly a few thousand lines of flux over the specified area.

Product Life and Guarantee:

The FLUX maxguard™ comes with a free product replacement guarantee of 10 years against any manufacturing defects; and a life-long guarantee for magnetic field.


Pipe charging is a natural phenomenon which occurs whenever any fluid / gas is flowing through a pipeline. This results in the pipe becoming positively charged which in turn attracts the negatively charged carbonates in the water leading to scaling. The negatively charged oxygen of the water molecules is also attracted to the pipe leading to corrosion. The build-up of scales in the system for example the boilers and heat exchangers leads to reduced heat transfer efficiency and subsequent increase in power and fuel consumption.

Industries spend huge sums on traditional methods of tackling scaling and corrosion problems by adding chemicals to the feedwater which is not only insufficient to take care of the problem but also leads to deleterious effect on system performance. Excessive or improper dosage of strong acids or bases for pH control or cleaning may itself lead to further corrosion of the system. Several manhours are wasted and the system has to be given shutdown during this period, leading to reduced productivity and wastage of resources.

Now all these problems can be tackled effectively with the help of FLUX maxguard™ a Hi-Tech Non-Chemical device exclusively manufactured in India, which gives total protection for your system from scales & corrosion. The FLUX maxguard™ is a unique device which works on the simple principle of magnetically induced dynamic field generation and fluid ionization. The unique patented flux-collimator-pervador along with the new fusion technology generates a dense magnetic field which passes completely through a commercial steel pipe in a direction perpendicular to the flow. The pipe acts as the stator and the fluid passing through, the armature or rotor. This works like a dynamo generating a direct current which renders the pipe several hundred millivolts negative and the fluid several hundred millivolts positive. This also results in partial ionization of the water molecules giving positive hydrogen ions and negative hydroxyl ions. Now the physical nature of the treatment comes into picture. The water chemistry is altered physically, not chemically. Nothing is added to or removed from the water, but the behaviour or interaction of the water molecules with the pipe walls and with each other is altered by changing the relative charge of the pipe with respect to the fluid.

The dipolar water molecule's negatively charged oxygen is repelled by the negatively charged pipe, thus reducing its corrosive effect. The carbonates which cause scaling ate negative and hence are repelled by the pipe. They remain in suspension until the water becomes supersaturated at which point they precipitate in the from of a soft aragonite sludge at the bottom of the system.

The scale forming carbonates are predominantly a combination of two crystalline forms, calcite and aragonite. Calcite is principally the hard scale which has a denser crystal lattice than the aragonite which is a soft scale. It has been documented that untreated water precipitates a ratio of calcite to aragonite of approx. 80 % : 20 % , while the ratio measures almost the opposite, at 30 % : 70 % for magnetically treated water. Thus the change in crystal structure of the carbonates after passing through the magnetic field changes their chemical property and converts hard scale into soft scale.

The positive hydrogen ions which are generated by ionization are attracted to the pipe. If any scales exist in the system the hydrogen ions attack these insoluble calcium carbonates and form soluble calcium bicarbonates which easily dissolve in the flowing fluid. This can be verified by checking for increase in pH and TDS and finally by visual inspection.

Thus the FLUX maxguard™ gives total system protection regardless of the quality of water used and eliminates the use of water softeners and and conditioners. Demineralised demonized water is no longer required as the system gives maximum performance even with untreated water. Build-up of TDS and increase in pH in feedwater is no longer a problem as the FLUX maxguard™ is capable of protecting your system under the worst operating conditions.


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  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Distillation Column
  • Boilers
  • Compressors
  • Extruders
  • Humidifiers
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fountains
  • Dishwashers
  • Hotels
  • Icemaking Machines
  • Irrgation Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Loundry
  • Swimming Pools
  • Cold Storage

>Marine Boiler water side showing descaling in progress 7 days after installation

We have installed FLUX maxguard™ on our boilers of 4 TPH & 12 TPH capacity since January 1999. During previous annual inspections there were scale deposits on the tubes despite regular chemical treatment. This time there was nothing to descale. We have totally stopped chemical treatment of boiler feed right from the day the device was installed. As a result, we are saving Rs. 22,000/- per month on chemicals and the FLUX maxguard™ has paid back within four months only. We are convinced that FLUX maxguard™ is a total alternative to water treatment chemicals for boilers.

Mr.A.S.Duggal (Maintenance Manager),
Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, Mohali.


Cooling Tower showing scales being dislodged from the FRP fins after installation.

Descaled matter being removed from the strainer within 10 days of the installation.

Flux Hi-Tech, Inc. installed FLUX maxguard™ on our A/C system on April 20th, 1998. At the end of one month after installation we had removed around 25 kgs. Scales from our system. At the end of two months after installation of the device, an independent team of engineers appointed by the system's manufacturers inspected the system. Their observations indicated that the system was working with an efficiency, which was better than prior to installation of the FLUX maxguard™

Mr.Maneesh Sapte (Director), Maneesh
Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.


Condenser showing 75% of copper
tubes blocked with scales prior
to installation.

Copper tubes found to be 100% open two months after installation.

Six nos. of your “FLUX maxguard™ “ magnetic devices were installed in the condenser cooling water system of our 80 TR water chiller in July 1999. At that time thick deposits of hard scales were noticed on inside surface of water pipes, on the condenser end shield and inside of the copper tubes. In February 2002 the pipe near the condenser was removed and on inspection it was found that the complete scale deposits had disappeared and the metal surfaces. It is also to be noted that no tube cleaning was required to be carried out during this period from July 1999.I am very happy to inform you that your “FLUX maxguard™ “magnetic device seems to be working very effectively in our condenser cooling water system and also drastically reduced the frequency of tube cleaning.I wish you all success in your future endeavors in this field.

Mr.N.P.George, SO/E, DEPEND, Dept. of Atomic
Energy's Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu.

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